There's nothing like spending time on the Bay! Sailing to Angel Island for the day, anchoring off Tiburon for the night - there's really no end to the adventures you can have. Sailing really brings together our friends and family. But, it can also be a really expensive hobby if you're not careful! So how do you enjoy it while keeping your costs in check? Easy - share a boat.

Joining a partnership through SF Boat Partners allows you to have guaranteed time on the water for a fixed monthly expense. You aren't responsible for any mortgage or slip payments, nor repairs. There are no expensive surprises! And maintenance is also covered - you won't be spending valuable sailing time working on the boat.

And unlike renting a boat for the day, you get to know both your boat and the other partners. You're really part of the family! We encourage partners to stay in touch, sail together and share in the fun of having a boat.

Other than paying your first and last month payment, the only requirement is proven sailing experience. Being the captain of a boat carries a lot of responsibility, so we need to make sure you're ready. The simplest way to show your experience is with a "Bare Boat" certificate from either the American Sailing Association (ASA) or US Sailing.

If you don't have a certificate, but, have been sailing for a while, you can fill out our sailing resume. This may be sufficient for some partnerships.

If you'd like to get your certificate, there are a number of great sailing schools here on the Bay. Our favorite is Tradewinds Sailing. They are a great group, with fantastic instructors and very reasonable rates.